Into The Woods: STYLUS

A projection mural piece in the english woodland.

Into The Woods is the first in the series of ‘STYLUS Shorts’, a new chapter in the life of the projection mural escapades, between Rebecca Smith & Peter Barber.  The series explores an invigoration for craftsmanship and stripping work back-to-nature, whilst incorporating a juxtaposition of progressive digital projection & mapping techniques.
Into The Woods documents the experimentation, in a single evening, with temporary performances surfaces, in this case with shrink wrap, to produce a translucent and ephemeral 3d structure.  Playfully using the depth of the structure to create anamorphic imagery, the piece uses spray-painted image to ‘hold’ projection, effectively painting with light.
With a quintessential English woodland as the setting for the piece, Into The Woods collaborates with Sonic Artist Jimmy Power, capturing the environmental soundscape, and re-working it for sound design on the final video.
Sound design by Jimmy Power
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