Pride - A Place Of Dreams

Pride Performance Dance Film

Pride Performance Company is a dance performance and music project, designed for young people with various disabilities. Working with creative practitioners Loz Shaw and Nicola Chambers. Pride work with a group of young people on a weekly basis. During this time, the groups create, sequence and practice a full music technology with live instruments and dance performances. 
'A Place Of Dreams' is Dance and Music film piece based around a woodland theme. Working with young people, the focus of the theme is established and constantly reffered to during each part of the process to ensure the music refelcts the piece. Using a range a field recording techniques to build a large bank of sounds, which are then manipulated in order to take the raw sounds to produce drum patterns, textures and percussive elements. The recordings and sotware instruments are made accessible by being linked to a range of MIDI controllers in order to allow as much creative control as possible by its users. 

Film by Jes Folk
Commissioned by County Youth Arts
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