Pride Performance Company - Magical

Music Technology, live instruments, projection mapping, dance.

Pride Performance Company is a dance performance and music project, designed for young people with various disabilities. Working with creative practitioners myself (Music Technology), Loz Shaw (Musical Instruments), Rebecca Smith (Projection Artist) and Nicola Chambers (Dance), Pride work with a group of young people on a weekly basis. During this time, the groups create, sequence and practice a full music technology with live intstruments, dance performance which creatively utilises the use of music production and live projections combined with the use of gauze material.
The work with the young people focuses on ensuring true ownership of the created content. First of all by the young people being involved in stirring groups and voting on ideas and as a group a Magical theme was chosen. Using creative technologies, such as Ableton Live and a range of MIDI controllers, the young people are able to explore different sounds which when guided are able to to build melodic and rhythmic ideas. The groups constant enthusiasm and positive input allows the group to voice feelings to decide on narrowing ideas to fit the piece. Alongside to technological activities, others began to build the same with live instruments.
The first part of the project is based around building the music track whilst the second part is building ideas to perform the piece as a live act. As a group, the piece was then broken down for young people to work on building a range of roles to perform, such as playing live percussion, guitars and MIDI controllers combined with live synth playing that is controlled/manipulated live by another young person using an APC controller. The young person is able to dynamically effect synth, guitar and bass guitar throughout the performance to create another live element to the piece.

The project aims to combine Music Technology, Live Instruments, Dance and Live projections in an innovative, exciting and creative live performance that is accessible to those who may otherwise not have relevant means, giving them the freedom of creative self expression, in a way which may not be expected.

Performances of the Magical Music piece by Pride Performance Company have taken place at The Playhouse, Nottingham / The Palace Theatre, Mansfield / The Old Library Venue & Media Centre, Mansfield
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