SHIFT Light Installation

Royal Northern College of Music

Jimmy Power created a sound design/music piece in accompaniment to Urban Projections' 'SHIFT Light Installation', at The Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. The soundtrack created was designed to fit with the aesthetic of the visuals and based on the concept of the Phoenix. 
'SHIFT' is a light installation commissioned by the Royal Northern College of Music. It takes their iconic staircase and transforms it with bold, moving colour, pattern and light, playing on the industrial feel of the structure, emphasising sharp lines, abrupt connections and dynamic interactions of motion. The piece is made of sweeping swells & crescendos, which then drop back to minimalism, using the idea of resurgence, resurrection and return to life.
Created and mapped by Urban Projections
Sound design by Jimmy Power | Projection by Lumen
With thanks to Dr Michelle Castelletti
, RNCM Artistic Director

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